I want to talk to somebody in charge. You are not fooling anybody when you say it was a natural disaster. It wasn’t an earthquake. It wasn’t a typhoon. Because what’s really happening is that you are hiding something out there. And it’s going to send us back to the Stone Age!


Dr. Frederick “I’m glad I’m a vegan” Chilton


♠ V I C I O U S    T R A D I T I O N S: a house of cards mix

"O Judgment ! Thou art fled to brutish beasts, and men 
have lost their reason !"

- William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, act iii scene ii


My standards for boys:

  • tall
  • dark hair
  • stubble
  • cute smile
  • love horseback riding
  • unusually long life span
  • speak elvish
  • secretly be the heir to the throne of Gondor
  • Aragorn
  • be Aragorn


Hannibal Art Meme

One of the four major painting modes of the Renaissance, popularized by Leonardo da Vinci and (arguably) perfected by Caravaggio, “chiaroscuro” is an Italian term that literally translates to “light-dark.” It was used for three dimensional modeling in a two dimensional space, and to impart a sense of high drama and mystery as the stark contrast between light and dark deepens. (x) (x) (x)

THE FUMES IN RAIN: a mix for a dreary city, lit up in neon. the taste of smoke. how the gray outside colors her face. and the savage beasts in each corner, making you look away first.



Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright photographed by Steve Schofield for EMMY Magazine, Feb. 2013